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  • 100% WHEY PROTEIN is a protein complex of 100% high biological value whey. An adequate supply of protein is not only essential for the formation of muscle and the improvement of the aerobic capacity of the athlete, it also brings advantages to the person who, by diet programs or specific needs, needs greater contribution of high quality proteins without...

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  • VEROFIT® REGENERATION is a high carbohydrate energy drink with high protein content

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  • VEROFIT® SPORT DRINK Refreshing Isotonic Drink: A mainstay of sports nutrition. The complete isotonic drink formula VEROFIT®SPORT DRINK, enriched with 6 minerals, 10 vitamins, rapid assimilation carbohydrates, taurine and glutamine, is the ideal and probably most complete solution on the market to avoid dehydration and its consequences.

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  • The Sportdrink by VEROFIT® bars are an ideal complement for people who lead an active life and practice any sports activity. They are delicious and comfortable to take anywhere. A single Sportdrink by VEROFIT® bar contains the necessary nutrients to replace a meal. They are low in fat and calories which also helps us control weight.

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    Athletes and people who perform intense and prolonged physical efforts (sports, work, dance, etc.) have 3 specific needs: Hydration, Energy and Recovery.

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    Good sports nutrition helps improve training and performance. Bad or ignored can affect training, damage performance and concentration and even cause injury

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    Dehydration is the most common cause of fatigue. Losing more than 2% of body weight due to sweating is already a danger. VEROFIT covers these needs with different products that adapt to the preferences of each person.