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  • VEROFIT® SPORT DRINK Refreshing Isotonic Drink: A mainstay of sports nutrition. The complete isotonic drink formula VEROFIT®SPORT DRINK, enriched with 6 minerals, 10 vitamins, rapid assimilation carbohydrates, taurine and glutamine, is the ideal and probably most complete solution on the market to avoid dehydration and its consequences.

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    Athletes and people who perform intense and prolonged physical efforts (sports, work, dance, etc.) have 3 specific needs: Hydration, Energy and Recovery.

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    Good sports nutrition helps improve training and performance. Bad or ignored can affect training, damage performance and concentration and even cause injury

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    Dehydration is the most common cause of fatigue. Losing more than 2% of body weight due to sweating is already a danger. VEROFIT covers these needs with different products that adapt to the preferences of each person.