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Energy Gold 2in1


Energy drink with electrolytes and caffeine, the ideal combination of hydration and energy.

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    Maltodextrin, partially hydrolyzed starch, sucrose, fructose, acidifier (citric acid), orange flavor, dye (beta-carotene), sodium citrate, sodium chloride, potassium chloride, calcium lactate, caffeine anhydrous, magnesium oxide, sweetener (sucralose), vitamin B1 (thiamine hydrochloride).

    Nutritional value:

    Nutritional Value   Per 45g Per 100g    
    Energetic Value kcal 169 376
    Energetic Value kJ 707 1572
    Proteins g 0 0
    Carbohydrates g 42,5 94
    Of which:
    Sugars g 17 38
    Fat g 0 0
    Fiber g 0 0
    Sodium g 0,25 0,557
    Minerals       CDR 
    Potassium mg 92 205 5%
    Calcium mg 26 57 3%
    Magnesium mg 21 46 6%
    Chloride mg 280 622
    Caffeine mg 50 111
    B1 mg 0,1 0,23 9%


  • VEROFIT® ENERGY GOLD 2 IN 1 contains exactly what an athlete needs during a long-term and / or intensive physical activity, that is: water, sufficient carbohydrates and minerals. Minerals have been defined according to the content of sweat minerals.
  • VEROFIT® ENERGY GOLD 2 IN 1 also contains caffeine. The joust to reach an added effect stimulator of the performance and greater oxidation of carbohydrates.
  • Despite the high content of carbohydrates (85 g per liter), VEROFIT ®ENERGY GOLD 2 EN 1 is slightly hypotonic, which accelerates the absorption of the liquid.
  • The two types of carbohydrates contained in the VEROFIT® ENERGY GOLD 2 EN 1 improve its absorption as well as its use. The ratio of maltodextrin / fructose is from 2 to 1. It has been scientifically proven that in this proportion an improvement in performance is observed.

Presentation :

Case of 18 envelopes of 45 grams each


Mix the contents of an envelope with 500 ml of water

Consumption guidelines:

Take during physical activity.

Recommended daily amount: 45g

When to use During effort
Product Type Energy
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    VEROFIT®ENERGY GEL 2 + 1 is an energy supplement designed specifically for athletes or people who are going to perform intense and prolonged physical activity.

    37,00 €
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  • VEROFIT® SPORT DRINK Refreshing Isotonic Drink: A mainstay of sports nutrition. The complete isotonic drink formula VEROFIT®SPORT DRINK, enriched with 6 minerals, 10 vitamins, rapid assimilation carbohydrates, taurine and glutamine, is the ideal and probably most complete solution on the market to avoid dehydration and its consequences.

    20,60 €
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  • The Sportdrink by VEROFIT® bars are an ideal complement for people who lead an active life and practice any sports activity. They are delicious and comfortable to take anywhere. A single Sportdrink by VEROFIT® bar contains the necessary nutrients to replace a meal. They are low in fat and calories which also helps us control weight.

    19,25 €
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  • Bottle XL 1000 ml, perfect for long-distance tests, for collective teams, etc. It facilitates the mixing and dissolution of Sport Drink products.

    3,00 €
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Gran producto

Es un gran producto, yo lo suelo tomar para mis carreras y funciona muy bien. Muy recomendable

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Energy Gold 2in1

Energy Gold 2in1

Energy drink with electrolytes and caffeine, the ideal combination of hydration and energy.