VEROFIT®: Swiss safety in dietetics and nutrition.

This motto expresses our main commitment: the maximum guarantee of quality and reliability of our products and programs.

VEROFIT® is a company created in Switzerland in 1990 by experts in nutrition and dietetics. Its initial objective was the development of products of the highest quality and the creation of a system based on programs that allow to achieve a healthy, complete and balanced nutrition that helps to prevent diseases and health problems related to overweight and habits. incorrect nutrition

The nutritional requirements demanded by the elite athletes took us years later to develop a specialized line aimed at people who perform intense and prolonged physical efforts and who, therefore, have specific needs, both in their performance and recovery. 

The development of our products is based on the latest scientific research in human nutrition, supported by its teams of advisors and researchers and in collaboration agreements with prestigious institutions, such as the University of Zurich.

Since its creation in Switzerland in 1990, VEROFIT® has had a solid and continuous growth, backed by the experience of more than 35 years of its founders in this sector. Currently VEROFIT® is present in several European countries. In Spain VEROFIT® is sold exclusively through the MCY Cosmetics, Technology and Distribution Company, SLL.